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Energy Efficiency

Services in energy efficiency include technical as well as promotional activities such as energy audits and energy concepts, institutional capacity development, incentive programmes, financing facilities, and regulations on energy efficiency. Activities are either designed as individual projects or campaigns or integrated into rural electrification programmes. Experience comprises energy efficiency for buildings, industry and households as well as regional and national Energy Efficiency Action Plans. We consult technical staff and managers from governments, administrations, NGOs and industry at local and national level. Relevant projects are:

Project Value of Services Client

India: Energy Programme

978,000 € GIZ

Nepal: Energy Efficiency Programme (NEEP), Component 3: Energy Efficiency in Industry

951,620 € GIZ

Serbia: Energy Efficiency in Households

900,500 € GIZ

Pakistan: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (REEE) Programme, Phase II

876,832 € GIZ

Ukraine: Energy Efficiency for Buildings, Phase I and II

694,000 € GIZ

Ukraine: Energy Efficiency in Municipalities

651,768 € GIZ

Mongolia: ENEV-III Capacity Development (CapDev)

649,100 € GIZ

Central America: Regional Program to Reduce Environmental Vulnerability and Degradation in Central America (PREVDA)

597,220 € EC

South-East Europe: Open Regional Fund in South East Europe – Energy Efficiency (ORF-EE), Phase II

587,880 € GIZ

Pakistan: Power Transmission Enhancement Project

545,170 € ADB

Bulgaria: Energy Efficiency Finance Facility Raiffeisenbank

526,000 € KfW

South-East Europe: Open Regional Fund - Energy in South-East Europe

524,000 € GIZ

Madagascar: Lokoho Small Hydropower for Rural Development

457,000 € GIZ

PR of China: Energy Efficient Refurbishment of Residential Buildings (EEB) in Tangshan

400,000 € Tangshan Affordable Housing Project Investment and Construction Ltd.

Uganda: Capacity Building for Energy Efficiency

364,300 € GIZ

PR of China: Energy Efficient Refurbishment of Residential Buildings (EEB) in Tonghua

350,000 € KfW

Ecuador: ENERGAL Training Programme Galapagos

328,300 € GIZ

Bulgaria: Energy Efficiency Finance Facility ProCredit Bank

290,000 € KfW

Nepal: FC Energy Efficiency Programme Nepal

256,560 € KfW

Ukraine: Municipal Energy Management Systems for amalgamated local communities (ALC)

220,850 € GIZ

Ukraine: Training Scheme for Energy Auditors

220,955 € GIZ

Ukraine: Energy Efficiency in Municipalities II

208,100 € GIZ

ASEAN-Countries: Introduction of the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) to ASEAN Countries

195,000 € EC

PR China: Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings (Hospitals)

193,000 € GIZ

Turkey: Energy Audits and Pipeline Development for Energy Efficiency Projects

189,725 $ Halkbank, Turkey

Cambodia: Development of a National Energy Efficiency Policy, Strategy and Action Plan

175,000 € GIZ

India: Energy Efficiency in Buildings

160,000 € GIZ

Uganda: Promotion of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme (PREEEP)

143,000 € GIZ

Mexico: Technical NAMA-Design, New Residential Buildings

80,000 € GIZ

Morocco: Improvement of the energy balance of the buildings at the Oujda University Hospital Centre and Oujda-Angad Airport

79,180 € GIZ

Kosovo: Lighting Campaign in Residential Buildings

77,900 € GIZ

Mongolia: Energy Efficiency in the Grid-connected Energy Supply (ENEV 3+)

74,910 € GIZ

ICIMOD countries: Assessment of Value Addition and Feasibility of a Himalayan Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

74,000 € UNIDO

Ukraine: Support in the implementation of the European Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27 / EU (EER)

71,240 € GIZ

Uzbekistan: Program to enhance capacity of industrial engineers, power specialists in the area of energy efficiency

59,000 € WB

Ethiopia: Access to Modern Energy Services in Ethiopia (AMES-E)

53,000 € GIZ

Mongolia: Green Building Program in Mongolia

47,550 $ IFC

Afghanistan: Energy concept and implementation for the "German House" in Kabul

45,000 € GIZ


West Bank & Gaza: West Bank & Gaza - Energy Efficiency Action Plan


31,000 $ WB

Pakistan: External Review of Water and Energy Security through Microhydel (MHP)

26,500 € SDC

Kosovo: Monitoring concept for the supra-regional sector programme Energy Efficiency

22,000 € GIZ

Albania: Fact Finding for Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings

20,000 € KfW

Germany / Ukraine: Training on energy management in municipalities

18,312 € GIZ

Montenegro: Fact Finding for Energy Efficiency Programme in Public Buildings

15,000 € KfW

Bahrain: Energy Audit ORTA Anadolu Textile Bahrain Company

10,000 € ORTA Anadolu

Armenia: Energy Efficient Rehabilitation of Schools - Fact Finding Mission

3,200 € KfW

Mexico: Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy (RE) in the Mexican Building Sector, Phase I+II

3,022,535 € GIZ

PR of China: China Energy/ Environment Programme (EEP)

3,552,100 € EC

Nepal: Loss reduction in power distribution systems (NEEP III)

1,495,824 € GIZ

Indonesia: Policy Advice for Environment and Climate Change (PAKLIM), Phase I + II


1,460,600 € GIZ

Nepal: Nepal Energy Efficiency Programme (NEEP) II, Component 1 "Energy Efficiency Market"

1,009,000 € GIZ

BiH: Energy Efficiency Consulting Bosnia and Herzegovina - Phase II

1,669,998 € GIZ

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Energy Efficiency Consultancy in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Phase I

1,348,700 € GIZ

Pakistan: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program

1,277,000 € GIZ