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Renewable Energy in Rural Electrification

Rural electrification projects are implemented by INTEGRATION mostly incorporated in Regional or Rural Development. Programmes reach beyond the mere technical features of electrification and comprise the setting up or restructuring of regional or local utilities, regulatory and tariff issues as well as human resource development including training schemes for maintenance personnel. Many projects are interlinked with Productive Use of Energy and investment in Renewable Energy. Our track record includes more than 60 projects in this segment.

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Project Value of Services Client

Afghanistan: Hydropower Training Porgramme

998,000 € KfW

Nigeria: Data gathering and management for the purpose of electrification planning and monitoring

996,725 € GIZ

Pakistan: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (REEE) Programme, Phase II

876,832 € GIZ

Pakistan: Installation of Turbo Generating sets for Hydro Power Projects in Dum Sum, Ghanche, Gilgit-Baltistan

863,300 € Gilgit Baltistan

Pakistan: National Program for the Promotion of Hydropower

840,000 € GIZ

Pakistan: Installation of Turbo Generating sets for Hydro Power Projects in Sermik, Gilgit-Baltistan

808,000 € Gilgit Baltistan

Pakistan: Refurbishment and Construction of Hydropower Projects in Ahmadabad

801,600 € APPPL

Afghanistan: Strengthening Livelihood Systems Project (SLS) – Warsaj, Takhar

780,000 € GIZ

Brazil: Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - non-electrical applications

745,600 € GIZ

Pakistan: Installation of Turbo Generating sets for Hydro Power Projects in Astore, Gilgit-Baltistan

715,000 € Gilgit Baltistan

Mongolia: Utilisation of Renewable Energy Sources

700.000 € GIZ

PR China: Development of Biomass Power Generation in Rural Areas

588,000 € ADB

Pakistan: Supply and installation of Electro Mechanical equipment at Mini Hydropower Project Ashuran

580,000 € SRSP

Central Asia: Access to Electricity with New Off-Grid Solar Technology in Central Asia

570,547 $ ADB

Pakistan: Installation of Turbo Generating sets for Hydro Power Projects in Ganokh, Gilgit-Baltistan

566,790 € Gilgit Baltistan

Pakistan: Renewable Energy Development Project

546,000 € ADB

Pakistan: Power Transmission Enhancement Project

545,170 € ADB

Mongolia: Power and Heat Storage Option for Accelerating Renewable Energy Penetration

499,000 $ ADB

Bangladesh: Productive Use of Renewable Energy Programme (PUREP), Phase I

499,540 € KfW

Madagascar: Lokoho Small Hydropower for Rural Development

457,000 € GIZ

Pakistan: Introduction of Solar Water Heaters in Pakistan

365,000 $ AEDB

Ecuador: ENERGAL Training Programme Galapagos

328,300 € GIZ

Afghanistan: Rehabilitation of Basic Infrastructure and Income Generation in Rural Areas

295,400 € GIZ

Zambia: Off-grid Site Characterization and Prioritization

277,646 € IFC

Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Jordan: Assessment of Renewable Energy Options in Refugee Camps

243,901 € UNHCR

Ethiopia: Comprehensive Fuel Analysis and Feasibility Study for Cooking Fuels

232,000 € UNHCR

Pakistan: PV based Power Supply Systems for Rural Communities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

212,730 € PPAF

ASEAN-Countries: Technical Expert Pool for the "ASEAN-German Mini Hydro Project (AGMHP)"

210,370 € GIZ

Nepal: Development of a Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST) for Nepal

170,000 € GIZ

Ethiopia: Support in Planning, Design, Procurement and Construction Supervision of Mini Hydropower Plants for Connection to Mini-Grids

160,000 € GIZ

Brazil: Energy Program Brazil - Phase I, Expertpool for Component "Renewable Energy" (Wind, Biogas)

145,800 € GIZ

Uganda: Promotion of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme (PREEEP)

143,000 € GIZ

Pakistan: Business Plan and Design of Hydropower Training Institute (HPTI) at Mangla

132,540 € AFD

Myanmar: Off-Grid Renewable Energy Demonstration Project

122,190 $ ADB

Cambodia: Rural Energy for Productive Use and Income Generation in Cambodia

118,000 € UNIDO

Central Asia: Regional Report Renewable Energies in Central Asia - Energy Investment Guide -

103,600 € GIZ

Pakistan: Feasibility Study for Construction of Weir for two Hydropower Stations

80,000 € Gilgit Baltistan

Morocco: Improvement of the energy balance of the buildings at the Oujda University Hospital Centre and Oujda-Angad Airport

79,180 € GIZ

ICIMOD countries: Assessment of Value Addition and Feasibility of a Himalayan Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

74,000 € UNIDO

DPR Korea: International Training on Planning and Management of Sustainable Rural Energy Systems

74,150 € UNDP

ASEAN-Countries: Socio-Economical Expert Pool for the "ASEAN-German Mini-Hydro Project (AGMHP)"

73,540 € GIZ

Morocco: Support of Barid Al-Maghrib in the development and implementation of an energy policy

67,672 € GIZ

Pakistan: Build Operate Own (Transfer) (BOO/BOO(T)) energy solution provider and off-taker mapping

67,200 € IFC

Lebanon: Hydropower Assessment under the CEDRO Project

64,150 $ UNDP

Nigeria: Geo-spatial Assessment of Mini-Grid Potentials in Nigeria

63,916 € REA

Tanzania: Survey on Biofuels for Transportation

60,000 € GIZ

Pakistan: Water and Energy Security through Mircohydels, WES Phase-II Studies

58,740 € AKRSP

Tanzania: Lighting Africa – Tanzania: Market Research on Standalone Solar Productive Uses

53,050 € IFC

Tunisia: Electrification by wind/ solar hybrid systems

53,600 € GIZ

Ghana: Feasibility Study and Business Model for Briquette Manufacturing Operation in Refugee Camps

51,000 € UNHCR

Uganda: Assessment of Briquette Manufacturing Businesses in Refugee Camp Settings

47,400 € UNHCR

PR of China: Impact Monitoring Study: Renewable Energy in Rural Area

39,600 € GIZ

Pakistan: Development of Strategy for Improved Quality and Management of Mini-Micro Hydropower Plant (MHP) Installations

36,500 € GIZ

Indonesia: Participatory Capacity Needs Assessment in the (Sub-) Sector of Micro/Mini Hydropower in Indonesia

34,150 € GIZ

Laos and Vietnam: Rural Energy Initiative for Productive Use of Renewable Energies

27,000 $ UNIDO

Pakistan: External Review of Water and Energy Security through Microhydel (MHP)

26,500 € SDC

Kenya: Developing a Guidebook on Productive Uses of Electricity in Solar-Hybrid Mini-Grids

21,444 € GIZ

DPR Korea: Study Tour on Sustainable Rural Energy Development to Germany

20,570 € UNDP

Tanzania: Biogas Household Baseline Study

20,000 € GIZ

Indonesia: Strategic and Conceptual Support for the "Self Sufficient Energy Village Program"

20,000 € GIZ

PR of China: Renewable Energies in Rural Areas

17,100 € GIZ

Indonesia: Mini Hydro Power Project (MHPP) for Sustainable Enconomic Development

12,100 € GIZ

Angola: Electrification of 17 villages with Solar Off-Grid Systems

9,600 € GIZ

Afghanistan: Energy Supply in Rural Areas of Afghanistan (ESRA), Phase I

6,174,000 € GIZ

Afghanistan: Rural Electrification and Productive Use Kapisa Province

5,900,000 € AFD

Mongolia: Promotion of Renewable Energy

5,100,000 € GIZ

Afghanistan: Energy Supply in Rural Areas of Afghanistan (ESRA), Phase II

4,614,000 € GIZ

Indonesia: Micro Hydro Power Technical Support Unit (TSU)

4,168,300 € GIZ

Mexico: Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy (RE) in the Mexican Building Sector, Phase I+II

3,022,535 € GIZ

PR of China: China Energy/ Environment Programme (EEP)

3,552,100 € EC

Afghanistan: Renewable Energy Programme for the Electricity Supply to Rural Centres and Areas

3,328,000 € KfW

Afghanistan: Development of Mini Hydropower Plants in Badakhshan and Bamyan Provinces

3,656,476 € DABS

PR of China (A.R. Tibet): Rehabilitation of Small Hydropower Stations in the A.R. Tibet

2,090,000 € GIZ

Nepal: Promotion of Small-Scale Hydropower Utilization

2,600,000 € ADB

Mongolia: Utilization of Renewable Energies, Phase III

2,484,200 € GIZ

Pakistan: Management, Design and Supervision of Machai Hydropower Project (2.6 MW)

2,503,820 $ PEDO

PR of China (A.R. Tibet): Renewable Energy, Rural Development and Qualification in Tibet

2,387,600 € GIZ

Nigeria: Nigerian Energy Support Programme (NESP) II

1,558,262 € GIZ

Pakistan: Modernization of Training Courses and Procurement of Training Equipment for HPTI Mangla

1,147,504 € PEDO

Africa: Africa Renewable Energy Scale Up Guarantee Facility (ARE-GF)

1,053,946 € PROPARCO

Mongolia: Promotion of Renewable Energies in remote grid systems

1,236,000 € ADB

Pakistan: Feasibility Study of Three Hydro Power Projects in District Dir Region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province

1,675,000 € PEDO

Pakistan: Management Supervision of Koto Hydropower Project (32 MW)

1,900,000 € PEDO

Pakistan: Development and Usage of Hydropower and Renewable Energies in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

1,782,610 € PPAF

Afghanistan: Strengthening Livelihood Systems Project (SLS) - Yaftal E Sofia

1,426,000 € GIZ

Afghanistan: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Rural Areas

1,008,300 € GIZ

Tanzania: Promotion of Renewable Energy in Rural Areas

1,030,000 € GIZ

Pakistan: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program

1,277,000 € GIZ

Brazil: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (4E) – Component "Education and Training"

1,523,570 € GIZ

Ecuador: Utilisation of Renewable Energy Resources

1,011,000 € GIZ