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Environmental Management and Sustainable Development

For the last 20 years, environmental concerns, Cleaner Production and eco-industrial strategies have taken prominence in economic development. In response to these challenges INTEGRATION has formed a special Environment & Energy unit, which to date implements a diverse range of projects to introduce international environ¬mental standards in enterprises, agencies, municipalities and industrial estates. Advanced professional training for environmental management has always been an essential element of those projects. Typical environment projects include:

Project Value of Services Client

Indonesia: Industrial Efficiency and Pollution Control Programme (IEPC II)

981,200 € KfW

PR of China: Introduction of ISO 14000 (SEPA)

865,000 € GIZ

PR of China: Promotion of International Environmental Standards - ISO 14 000

810,000 € GIZ

PR of China: Policy Advisory Service and Environmental Management - Beijing and Tianjin

763,000 € GIZ

Algeria: Integrated Environmental Management Program - Component 3

730,820 € GIZ

Sri Lanka: Improvement of Groundwater Protection

630,000 € GIZ

Central America: Regional Program to Reduce Environmental Vulnerability and Degradation in Central America (PREVDA)

597,220 € EC

Egypt & Neighbouring Countries: Advanced Professional Training in Environmental Management

510,000 € GIZ

Madagascar: Lokoho Small Hydropower for Rural Development

457,000 € GIZ

Indonesia: Impact oriented Monitoring for 5 GIZ projects in the Energy & Climate Change Sector

399,420 € GIZ

Philippines: Management Concept to the Eco-Industrial Development of Philipine Economic Zones

334,000 € GIZ

Ethiopia: Comprehensive Fuel Analysis and Feasibility Study for Cooking Fuels

232,000 € UNHCR

India: Human Resource Development Programme in Spatial Environmental Planning

224,000 € GIZ

Philippines: Technical Assistance to the national Climate Commission

213,750 € GIZ

Pakistan: Glacial melt and downstream impacts on Indus dependent water resources and energy

200,000 € ICIMOD

PR China: Policy Study: "Clean Development Mechanism in China"

180,000 € GIZ

PR of China: EMCP Lot 3: Industrial Development – Subproject: Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP) Emergency Response Centre (ERC)

126,000 € EC

India: Spatial Environmental Planning - Coaching Training Course

100,000 € GIZ

PR of China: EMCP Lot 3: Industrial Development – Subproject: Eco-industrial park (EIP) planning

97,000 € EC

PR of China: Sino-German Environmental Policy Programme - Environmental Supervision Training Course

63,000 € GIZ

PR of China: EMCP, Lot 1 - CDM Capacity Building

60,000 € EC

Pakistan: Water and Energy Security through Mircohydels, WES Phase-II Studies

58,740 € AKRSP

PR of China: EMCP Lot 3: Industrial Development – Subproject: Waste Minimisation Club

48,000 € EC

Mongolia: Green Building Program in Mongolia

47,550 $ IFC

PR of China: Getting Fit for the European Market – From Cleaner Production to Overall Competitiveness

35,000 € DGI

Pakistan: Environmental Assessment Guidelines Checklists & Regulations for Gilgit-Baltistan

26,620 € Gilgit Baltistan

Indonesia: Capacity Building for Disaster Risk Management

25,100 € GIZ

Pakistan: Gilgit-Baltistan Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan

22,100 € Gilgit Baltistan

Afghanistan, Pakistan: Improved Monitoring of Snow, Ice and Water Resources in the Indus Basin

20,000 € ICIMOD

Africa: Workshop on Transboundary Water Management

18,850 € GIZ

Indonesia: Capacity Building for the German-Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System

13,900 € GIZ

Republic of Moldova: Modernization of Local Public Services (MLPS)

5,899,000 € GIZ

Tajikistan: Improved Watershed Management in Rain fed Areas of Southern Tajikistan

5,000 € Welthungerhilfe

PR China: EU-China Environmental Governance Programme (EGP)

3,324,000 € EC

PR of China (A.R. Tibet): Lhasa Leather Factory

3,500,000 € GIZ

PR of China: China Energy/ Environment Programme (EEP)

3,552,100 € EC

PR of China: Environmental Management Co-operation Programme (EMCP), Lot 3 Industrial Development

2,008,000 € EC

PR of China (A.R. Tibet): Renewable Energy, Rural Development and Qualification in Tibet

2,387,600 € GIZ

Bangladesh: Promoting safety-related and environmental adaptation investments in the textile sector in Bangladesh (SSREU)

1,660,796 € GIZ

Indonesia: Policy Advice for Environment and Climate Change (PAKLIM), Phase I + II


1,460,600 € GIZ

Bangladesh: Promotion of Social and Environmental Standards in the Industry (PSES II) - Environment Component

1,233,632 € GIZ

India: Climate Change Adaptation in Industrial Areas

1,617,789 € GIZ

Bolivia: TA – Programme for sustainable management of natural resources in the Lake Poopó Basin

1,783,000 € EC

PR of China: Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) Dong Ying

1,500,000 € GIZ

PR of China: Environmental Management Co-operation Programme (EMCP) Lot 2 Local and Municipal Development

1,100,000 € EC

PR of China: Management of Obselete Pesticides

1,345,100 € GIZ

PR of China: Environmental Management Co-operation Programme (EMCP), Lot 1 Institutional Development

1,600,000 € EC

PR China: Liaoning Integrated Environment Programme (LIEO), Lot F

1,210,000 € EC