• Economic Development

    Methodologies integrate green entrepreneurship promotion and economic recovery, business incubation, employment and vocational training, digitalization, value chain promotion and agro-processing next to support to manufacturing industries and eco-tourism. They build on skills, human resource, and organizational development next to technology transfer for ministries, agencies as well as regional or business initiatives.

  • Renewable Energy Systems

    Energy projects are by default decentralized, renewable, and for productive uses. Services comprise geo-spatial electrification planning, remote site characterization, advanced project development support, hybridized supervision, and monitoring tools in support of efficient supply and demand management. They target energy planners, project developers, investors, and regulatory bodies.

  • Monitoring & Evaluation and Governance

    Monitoring programmes for governments and donors - in particular the European Commission (ROM) – focus on impact, inclusiveness, efficiency, and accountability. Good governance support public institutions in partner countries to transparently provide services to their citizens and establishes training programmes on leadership, compliance, project management, mission programming and quality assurance techniques.

  • Energy Efficiency & Management

    Energy audits and concepts for public buildings, industry, and households, as well as Energy Efficiency Action Plans for municipalities and in humanitarian settings. Services are based on capacity development and advice for policy makers, public servants, technical staff and result in institutional incentive programmes and financing facilities, as well as regulations on energy efficiency next to investment opportunities.

  • Environment & Climate

    Cleaner production and environmental management for industries, enterprises, agencies, and municipalities for sustainable economic development. Rigours approaches for environmental and social management in infrastructure development, e.g., in power systems development. Transformative policies, regulations, and skill development for deep emission cuts and towards carbon neutrality are based on modelling systems.

  • Natural Resource Management

    Sustainable management of natural resources with the objective to preserve them for future generations. Services include policy and strategy development; capacity building for organisations and individuals; awareness raising and stakeholder coordination. A particular focus area is management of water resources, i.e., institutional capacity building in the fields of water and sanitary hygiene (WASH) and climate change adaptation measures.

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